Intelligent Water sensor solutions for food production

Water management in small scale:
Food security and water stewardship

Water is becoming a more expensive asset in agriculture, threatening food security and small farmers economic survival. Climate change is stressing all crop production due to extended droughts and stormy rains, that speeds up erosion and lost of soil nutrients. Farmers all over the world are strugling to adapt.

Smart sensors assisted agriculture

Smart devices and Internet of things are two emergent technologies that may assist famers to use water more efficiently and manage the growing season. Affordable, easy to install and app based solution to be accessible in any smartphone or web browser.

Easy to use interface

Data from sensors is shown in plots and maps, in addition to an alarm system and event detection (rain, irrigation, frost). an Open interface would allow independent developers (potentially from the community) to work on work on new features.

Smart devices for conscious farmers.

AguaPDX, smart devices and data for real world challenges.